As Mortgage Brokers, we work with a variety of different banks so that we have the opportunity to offer you, our Clients, the best rate and product available in today’s market that will meet your needs and your goals. Rates can change minute to minute, and we are able to save you time and money because of our knowledge of the bond market and our ability to lock on the best possible rates. We offer product for clients with good credit (Traditional A Paper) as well as product for clients that due to challenges in their lives may not have the best credit. Prestige Lending can offer different programs for the self employed entrepreneurs as well as those that may want to build their own home. Our organization can assist you whether you are looking for the traditional 30 year fixed mortgage or a more aggressive mortgage product such as interest only. If you are looking to purchase or refinance your First Home, Second Home or Investment Property, 100% Financing, or Builders Building Programs, Prestige Lending is here to help you.