A new house for Valentine’s Day? It’s really not as crazy of a concept as you’d think. A new home lasts longer than flowers, can hold more boxes of chocolate with the additional square footage and there is no better way show someone you care about and love them than to give them one roof to grow your love together. Rather than spending $250+ on a romantic dinner, why not spend the day looking at a new home together?

Consider this, 40% of engagements in the USA (according to WeddingWire) happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.  Can you honestly think of a better place to wedding plan than in your new home together? Maybe you’re thinking of proposing soon, but don’t want to propose during a gift-giving holiday (we get it). In truth, there isn’t really a more romantic place to propose to the love of your life than in a new home you two just closed on that morning.

We aren’t Target or Wal-Mart, and neither are our realtors, so we don’t start looking at Valentine’s Day 4 months in advance and we doubt you do either. In all reality, who actually buys Valentine’s Day chocolates in December? Let’s be serious, those chocolates are gone by New Years!

Back to new home buying and mortgages.

Now, we understand the timeline is tight for closing on a home on Valentines Day but what about spending Valentine’s Day looking for homes? You can make your new home search date like an episode of  The Bachelor and give a red rose to your sweetie for each home you both put on the “potential” list. Personally, we think that’s a really sweet idea, because what woman isn’t a sucker for a red rose? Now we get it, looking for a home can be tedious, but it’s all worth it when you have the right team on your side all determined to find you your new dream home. While your realtor will help you find the right home, first and foremost, you need a loan office or mortgage broker who can help you determine a budget.  That’s where we come in!

Prestige Lending  Inc. NMLS #109768 is located in Wake Forest, NC and helps your home ownership dreams come true. Whether your dream is a home for starting and raising a family, or a starter home for a recently married couple, a place to retire and enjoy your new empty-nest status and entertain grandkids, or even a young professional looking to grow their independence and buy their first home.  With rates expected to only increase as the year moves forward, NOW is the time to lock in and start the home buying process.

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, silk bows, chocolates and roses. Now with Prestige Lending on your side, it’s also a time for home buying! So, next time you see those flowers and Chocolates at Target, resist the urge and think of the brownie points you’ll get when you suggest a romantic home cooked meal in your new house rather than a crowded restaurant. Closing on/by Valentine’s Day is a tight timeline right now, however with the right loan and assistance from your realtor, we will help you any way we can.

Contact the team at Prestige Lending  Inc. NMLS #109768 today for guidance on the best options for your situation and home buying need. Prestige Lending; A Mortgage for all Seasons.

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